About Jowato

Our Story

Jowato is a technology company based in Ghana, helping small African businesses in the handicraft and indigenous food processing industry get more value for their products by providing them with branding, businesses support services, and direct access to a global market through Jowato.com and providing an easy way for environmentally conscious consumers to fund and adopt economic trees through shopping and direct donations. Users get digital certificates as proof and rewards which are sharable on social media as evidence to meeting their sustainability goals.

The technology also provides users the opportunity to virtually travel and see their trees and interact with the farmers and students who plant, care, and benefit directly from these trees.


Our Vision

Equal Opportunity | Collective Responsibility | Accountability

Our vision is to see a vibrant and thriving African business community, trading on equal terms sustainably with the rest of the world.


Our Mission

Brand | Connect | Spread

Putting small African businesses on a global market while enabling customers to meet their sustainability goals.


Core Values


Customer Compulsion

Sustainability Minded

Technology Driven


At Jowato, we believe in giving you the things you care about the most when shopping; Originality, fast fulfillment, and the opportunity to preserve Mother Earth for your children and their children through our tree planting model.

Shop for products with Tree Points, while checking out, you may donate to increase your Tree points. In your dashboard, click on "Your Tree’s" to check how many Tree Points you have accumulated. Accumulate up to 100 Tree points to be credited with a Tree, a customized Certificate with your registered name, Tree ID, Location, and Caretaker of the tree, and a link to travel virtually through GPS mapping to the exact location of your tree. Share your certificate with your friends and or print it as evidence of being sustainability conscious.

Farmers and students are planting and caring for these trees, that are waiting to be adopted by you. Your adoption helps us raise more quality fruit-bearing seedlings that are supplied to farmers and schools to plant. This will help conserve our land, restore our forests, avoid carbon emissions and support Food Security through the Fruit for Food Project- FFFP.

This project is supported by UNDP Ghana, Forestry Commission, The TalkTrees Project, and EPA Ghana.